01/29/2013 07:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Strategy Wins Super Bowls -- Winning Gatorade Dunks Require That, Too


Whether it’s the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens winning Superbowl XLVII, one thing’s for sure—the famous Gatorade shower of the winning coach is going to take a bit of planning, too.

The iconic celebration began when Jim Burt and Harry Carson doused Parcells in ’84. Or was it when Chicago Bears' defensive tackle Dan Hampton claims he dumped it on Ditka in ’84 first?

Whatever you believe, the phenomenon gained national attention after the Giants' 17-game winning season that ended with them winning Super Bowl XXI.

Both of this year’s Super Bowl contenders could improve their odds of a monumental dunk simply by consulting this Unofficial Guide to Dunking Techniques—for everything you need, as well as, proven tactics to pulling it all off without a hitch.

The Unofficial Guide to Dunking Techniques

Known around the world as the Gatorade Dunk (also the victory shower or the winners bath), this peculiar ritual has turned into as finely attuned a science as the storied electrolyte-laden elixir itself. This iconic christening of champions now ranks among the most coveted and photographed ceremonial gestures in all of sports.


Also referred to as‚ “Your Basic.” Two dunkers hold the cooler on either side via the dunk-friendly handles. Dunkers approach unsuspecting victim and empty contents over his/her head.


Primarily reserved for championship events or international competition due to the high probability of added airtime for the athletes. Dunk requires four or more dunkers, plus an additional player to create a diversion. Also referred to as “The Hairy Mob.”


Virtually unused due to logistical pre-planning involved. Two sets of dunkers carry identical coolers, converging on the target from offsetting 45-degree angles. Bonus points awarded if dunks occur simultaneously. Deluge has been known to knock victim off his/her feet.


On very rare occasions, the tables turn in favor of the potential target—sensing an impending dunk, the target surprises the dunker(s) before they can get “Locked & Loaded,” takes the cooler away, showers them with Gatorade, and proceeds to do the victory dance unscathed.


Usually reserved for coaches who rely on negative reinforcement as learning techniques (i.e., wind-sprints, stairs, extra push-ups, etc.) Dunkers mix 85 percent ice, 10 percent Gatorade, 5 percent pure spite and stir lightly. Bonus points for catching victim's “Shock Face” on camera. (Caution: Do not attempt in situations under 22°F.)


Reserved for the mightiest athletes, this technique requires the trifecta—strength, stamina and accuracy. Dunker hoists cooler on one shoulder, lumbers towards target, and “shot-puts” the contents onto the unsuspecting victim. Not recommended for novices or athletes of non-contact sports.

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