09/25/2015 11:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Signs That You Need a Personal Reboot


Reboot. Shut down. Start again for the sake of installing new information, the system needs it or because of a lack of response.

It may be easy to tell when your computer needs to reboot, but how do you know when YOU could benefit from your very own reboot?

I need to be continually reminded to do this myself. I am a busy mom of three, caregiver to my 90-year-young father-in-law, executive director of a local networking group, life coach, entrepreneur, blogger, radio show host. Dizzying, isn't it?

It can be easy to get caught up in the function of DOING. And yet, there comes a point, for all of us, when it becomes important to reboot, reconnect, allow ourselves to assimilate new information, create a shift, allow the change, recharge. None of us are designed to go on and on, like the Energizer Bunny. What are the indicators that you experience when it is time for your reboot?

Signs of stress -- Change of sleeping and eating habits. Fluctuating weight. Weight gain or unexpected weight loss can be an indication that you are experiencing stress. When stress shows up, it is time for you to reboot. Turn the stress around by creating space for yourself, even for as little as three minutes of uninterrupted quiet time while you drink your morning cup of coffee.

Comparison -- You compare yourself to others. When you're caught in a trap of looking at others and seeing what you're missing OR noticing everything they're lacking, it could be a sign that you are ready for your own reboot. When you're succeeding with what you are here to accomplish, the need for comparison diminishes. This doesn't mean that you are not learning from others. Keep learning, without the judgement and itty bitty shitty committee of, "I should be where she is." STOP IT! Turn that thought around by creating a list of accomplishments you've had from the beginning of the year until now.

Jealousy -- You feel jealousy when others are succeeding in ways that you want to be. Jealousy is an indication that you are feeling disconnected to what you want. Honor the desires within you, without the judgement (of yourself or others) and without the jealousy. CELEBRATE the other person for their successes! This will set you up for your success! Seeing and celebrating success in another leads you to a feeling of inspiration, rather than the heavy feeling of jealousy, which separates you from success.

Side Stepping -- You make lateral moves or resist the next step toward your goal. You know what you need to do. You have the steps laid out in front of you, and yet, you feel paralyzed. You overanalyze decisions, or resist making them at all. Turn this around by taking ONE step, even if it seems trivial. Create the draft for the email you've been putting off. Look up the phone number of that contact you need to reach out to. Put your running shoes on for the day. Take one small step in the direction of your goal. As you do, you're creating an opportunity to adopts the habits which will lead to your success.

Seeking Outside Opinions -- You seek the opinion and advice of others, to the point of confusion. As a result, you struggle making decisions. You've strayed from your own intuition and feel challenged to hear your own voice. Your judgement feels clouded and you're unsure about what you really want or what you "should" do.

STOP the madness! Kindly refuse any more consultation or advice from others, unless they're skilled at supporting you to connect with your own wisdom. Spend time getting quiet and allow your voice and deepest desires to surface.

Lacking motivation -- Let's face it, when you start out on a particular goal, you're highly motivated, full of enthusiasm and the resources are flowing. Not hitting milestones, life distractions and other circumstances can derail your focus.

Breathless -- Stress, pressure, living too far into the future, fear, leads to you holding your breath. Even the thought of the future can be enough to create disharmony in your breathing.

Become consciously aware of your breath, allowing yourself to focus on pushing out all of the stale air that gets trapped inside of you as a result of holding your breath out of fear, worry, stress. Inhale through your nose and FORCE an exhale out of your mouth. Use the power of sound (a heavy sigh, scream, moan, hum) as you exhale and you'll feel the physical release of the tension you've been carrying.

Negative Self Dialogue -- Are you experiencing feelings of being stuck? Notice internal chatter of can't, not good enough, need to do more, all indictors that it is time to recharge, reconnect with what is good enough, right now, as is, without more

There's something inside all of us, waiting to get out, waiting to be expressed, waiting to be released, longing to be witnessed and realized.

There is something more inside of you, waiting to be honored.


No judging of why it hasn't happened yet. NO blame, shame or guilt, just allow the awareness to surface.

Admit to yourself, "I have something MORE inside of me than what I have been experiencing."

Make a declaration, "I am ready to honor myself and my potential. I am ready to move beyond the obstacles that I have been experiencing." Allow the vision of your results to unfold. Commit to taking one small step toward that vision. What will your step be? Share in the comments, how do you know you are ready for a reboot? How do you know that you are advancing toward your goals?

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