02/18/2014 05:37 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2014

Survey Reveals the World's Best Lovers as Ranked By Americans

Geber86 via Getty Images

At the start of the new year, sparked a little controversy by offering a 200£ (roughly $334) prize for an enter-to-win giveaway:
Just answer the anonymous "Holiday Romance Survey," spilling your own travel stories on sex and romantic mischief.

While some argued that the competition was "appalling," or "offensive" (for excluding believers of monogamy), 11,000 people shamelessly partook. Quite literally revealing their wanderlust.

Although it's debatable whether we can measure someone's sexual aptitude by where they're from, it's a playful look at who's hooking up in the hostel laundry room.

Results proved that much like the Brits, who ranked themselves as #1 Best Lovers and #1 Sexiest Nationalities, we too are slightly self-absorbed.

Best Lovers as Ranked by Americans

1. American

According to the survey, we love to love each other. Go us.

2. Spanish

It must be the sangria sensations, but it looks like Vicky and Cristina aren't the only ones who left their heart in Barcelona.

3. Italian

So that's what Mona Lisa hides behind her smile. And we thought our friends studied abroad in Rome and Florence for the art and architecture.

4. French

Doing a little more than French kissing? The French know how to burn off those crepes, baguettes and cheese.

5. Australian

The Aussies "down under." Point End.

6. British

The British, ranked #1 by the British, but not by anyone else?* Perhaps Russell Brand can do another Forgetting Sarah Marshall demo "Inside You."

7. German

Stereotyped by harsh language and strict rules, could getting bossy be the secret to the alleged arousal?

8. Irish

Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are enough to make any woman or gay man around the world swoon. But I guess there's more to why Evanna Lynch plays "Luna Lovegood" in the Harry Potter series.

9. Mexican

Not everyone loves spicy food, but who can deny a fiery fiesta for two? Branded as "Latin Lovers," there must be some truth to the generality.

10. Portuguese

If you caught the Family Guy episode, "A Fish Out of Water," that mocks the Portuguese, you might be baffled. But soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is Santo Antonio born. How much can this legend speak for an entire country? But then again, isn't that what this survey is about?

Originally, a UK-based post was written -- "Brits Think They're the World's Best Lovers; Rest of the World Disagrees" -- comparing how Brits vs. Non-Brits feel about getting frisky. Hostelbookers has since re-configured the data for Americans, exclusively provided for my blog and with permission to re-post.