How to Keep Bridezilla In a Cage

Bridezilla. A term every bride is familiar with and a person wedding party and guests often are terrified of.
07/12/2013 03:48 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2013

Bridezilla. A term every bride is familiar with and a person bridal party members and guests alike are often terrified of. The dictionary defines a bridezilla as a bride-to-be who focuses so much on the event that she becomes difficult and obnoxious. With the current WeTV show Bridezilla taking over airwaves, many brides are beginning to take steps to avoid becoming Bridezilla. In the wake of wedding season we have five tips for brides on how to avoid the attack of Bridezilla:

Give your deadlines a deadline. This may seem a bit over the top but every bride should have a deadline for her deadlines. In most cases during weddings brides give their guests, party and other participants deadlines so down to the last moment they bring unnecessary stress on their lives. When most people are given deadlines they see no purpose to get things done any sooner. Greatest lesson I ever learned? Never give people a real deadline. The deadline you give others should be weeks prior to your actual deadline. Creating these earlier deadlines should eliminate the stress of last minute hiccups. One of the greatest triggers that unleashes bridezilla are missed deadlines.

Ask for help. If you feel overwhelmed and don't feel as if you can complete a task related to your wedding. Ask for help. People are willing to pitch in. Don't ever feel like you have to do it all by yourself. The moment you allow your wedding to overwhelm is the moment you begin to overwhelm others with your attitudes and actions.

Take a deep breath. You're normal. It's okay to step back and relax away from the wedding planning. If you put the wedding planning down for a bit you will be amazed at the great things you'll be able to do when you finally pick it back up.

Remember it's just one day. No matter how hard you try your wedding day will never be able to be 100 percent perfect. There is always room for error and remembering that while planning will keep you from falling a part when something minor appears to be falling apart.

Think of your groom. Nothing should calm a bride down more than her loving groom. While the wedding day is traditionally more important to the bride keep your groom in mind, ask for his opinion and when you're frustrated talk to him about it before you lose rage on everyone else. The wedding day isn't just about you, it's also about him.