07/29/2013 07:10 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

Too Big for Rollercoasters: IS America Too Obese?

Early last week news giants from across the country reported the heartbreaking story of Rosy Esparza.

Espara, along with her son, were visiting Six Flags Over Texas when Rosy was thrown off a 14-story-high 4,9000 feet long roller coaster killing her instantly.

Bob Swint, CEO of Houston Based ATA told that investigators are looking at "whether the woman's size may have prevented her restraints from protecting her." "We're concerned," Swint said, "as engineers that we design things that fit people."

Investigations are still underway, but could the death of Esparza create new guidelines for theme park patrons?

According to the CDC, 69.2 percent of adults 20 and over are overweight, leaving many to wonder, should places adapt to obesity in America or should programs and guidelines be implemented to eliminate it?

While the death of Esparza may not ever give clear-cut answers, one thing that will definitely be clear-cut is changes will be made. We can only hope these changes stop this from happening again without discriminating against an ever-growing population of obese Americans.