Obama's Neglect of the Jobs Issue Will Result in Huge 2010 Incumbent Turnover

01/08/2010 10:02 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The media tells us...the economy is turning around? Try telling that to your family member, friend, neighbor, spouse or partner, who is now unemployed most for a year or most likely two years or more. What about your children graduating from college who can't find jobs at all?

It seems that President Obama, along with his version of Carl Rove, Rahm Emanuel wanted to prove that they were better politicians then even LBJ. (LBJ was only "elected" to one term, remember). It seems we will have health-care legislation signed, around the time of the State of the Union message.

Americans elected President Obama for change, and we knew that job creations, and support to small businesses would not happen in a year...but can't they even "pretend" to be interested in trying. West Wingers... couldn't you even bother to "pretend"? Valerie Jarrett... and your "Job's Summit"? Come on Val "fake it" at least.

American's are angry, and very mad about not having jobs, and they do not want to take it anymore.

Tired of being unemployed, don't you agree it is time to teach every politician, regardless of party, what it is like to be unemployed ? That is what readers of my book "Bulletproof Your Job" (HarperCollins) tell me they plan to do.

The next 9 months is not enough time for this President's administration to get any results in jobs or help to small businesses, who create the most amount of jobs . Today's unemployed figures will set the tone for 2010.

We get that the President said it will take years to correct things, we don't expect miracles, but we do expect, some effort for small business...and real job creation, like FDR did. President Obama... learn from the mistakes of the Japanese and don't back away. Use the left over TARP monies for small business to create new jobs. Real jobs!

The stock market may be doing better, but that only makes the unemployed feel worse and more depressed.

Unemployed Americans are angry and desperate, and depressed. Some killing one another on the job... and others because they are so depressed from being unemployed for so long, and letting down their families...they are killing themselves. President Obama has all but ignored the unemployed. Yet, he is not up for reelection, and can only pay the price in poll numbers.

Voters will take out their anger over the jobs crisis, on every single incumbent, regardless of political party, come November. Revenge is in the hands of the voters on the unemployment line.

My readers tell me... If you are unemployed, teach the politicians, a lesson. Get even.

Oh, not just your Congressman; and Senators but your councilman; alderman; State Senator; State assemblymen and Governor, --teach them all a lesson, and every level of government. Vote against your dog-catcher if you are given the choice. Why should any elected official that is working today have jobs, when you don't , my readers ask.

Fire them with your vote. Let them all collect the unemployment benefits, you have been collecting, let them pay COBRA which you can barely afford and get them out of office. Revenge is sweet.

The President will get his health care legislations, but today's unemployment numbers will create such a backlash, no incumbents will survive. Not one. Let these politicians feel your pain. Put party allegiants aside, after all, the politicians put your jobs aside, and vote all incumbents out come this November.

Don't be fooled, because as the government hires nearly 750,000-- temporary census workers (and you should be taking that test now ... if you want one of those temporary jobs) a very slight and real change in unemployment numbers may take place. But it is a temporary trick, not real. A false promise. (Just like having C-Span in on all the closed door health-care legislation and Congressional meeting s this week end . )

Medical benefits do need to be reformed , but we need jobs, and small businesses need help in creating those jobs. The Ivy League geniuses, most, of whom, in this President's administration have not even held , real working jobs, could not multi-task . Work on health care, two wars, and create jobs?

Suicides will rise this year, related to people being depressed from being unemployed so long. To find a job in 2010, one needs to "steal" that job.. from a colleague, because for now on the government won't help. Just like everyone has a boss they don't like---guess what? Every boss has a employee they don't like. You won't find that job on a search engine...you will find it counter-institutively, by lowering your wage, pro-actively, offering yourself as an alternative, the employee someone has right now.

Personally, I think everyone unemployed should consider running for office in November. Teach your elected official's the pain of being unemployed...teach them with your vote this November. Why not "steal" their job...hey it's politics...not brain surgery.

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Stephen Viscusi

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