03/05/2014 05:36 pm ET Updated May 04, 2014

What Is Your Soul's Work in the World?

Imagine if you were asked this question when you were very young, all the way up until today. How different do you think your life and work would be? I truly believe if I'd been asked this question for most of my life, I'd be much further down the path of my soul's work in this world and fully immersed in my truth and purpose.

I would have made more art, just for the sake of making art.
I never would have stopped writing poetry.
I would have started several nonprofits by now.
I wouldn't have wasted time on a design business I didn't love.
I would have still become a designer, but I would've known it was a tool vs. a calling.
I would have traveled more.
I never would have bought my house in a city I didn't love.
I never would have stayed in relationships that didn't serve me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful for my life and all that I've experienced. Really, truly. Even those painful years where I was completely lost and off track! Those years made me who I am right now and allowed me to step into the work I'm doing with amazing souls I adore. The above simply illustrates my point today.

What if we asked ourselves, friends, children, lovers and employees, "what is your soul work? What is the work you feel called to do in this world? What tugs at your heart and soul? What do you feel compelled at your core to create?"

Do you think, maybe, our lives (and the world) would look a little different?

Instead we ask each other what we do for a living... or worse yet, how do we intend to make a decent living so we can buy into the lifestyle of the masses? How do we intend to fall in line with what society expects of us? Where will we go to college? What acceptable and respectable line of work will we study? What great corporate and "secure" job will we find after? How will we continue to climb the ladder?

Nevermind your passions... they're simply hobbies.
Nevermind your callings... they're unrealistic.
Nevermind your soul's work... this is the real world.

Choosing security, respect and the path more frequently traveled over the work you feel called to do at your core is a disservice to yourself and the world.

It takes painters, poets, innovators, musicians, coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and world changers and strips them of their contributions. It takes men and women who are built for greatness (whether that's parenting a child, starting a business, painting and sewing, or leading a revolution) and redirects them into a life they don't love. And by redirecting them into a life they don't love, it slowly drains their soul, dimming another much needed light in this world.

This isn't to say that the corporate jobs and respected careers aren't of service. They most certainly are! There are passionate, innovative, world changing individuals in every field out there. This is about knowing your soul's work... the work you, and only you, are meant to do in this world. If you're like most people (including me at one point) and have lost sight of what your soul work is, you're not alone. It's not too late.

To you I say...

Follow your passions... they're your path to fulfillment.
Heed your callings... you're here for a reason.
Honor your soul's work... this world needs your greatness.

Start today by asking yourself, "what is my soul's work? What do I feel called to create? How do I want to be of service in this world?"

There's no right answer except for the one that lights your soul on fire. It doesn't have to make sense right away, it just has to excite you at your core. I promise, no matter what your soul's work looks like, you have everything you need inside of you to do it. Sometimes you just need a little guidance, some tools, or a little experience... but you're built for it. Grab your journal or head outside for a walk in nature and start exploring this question for yourself. Ask your friends and family as well!

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