11/03/2013 05:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Company Building 2.0: Help Us Pick Our Logo

In the old days (like yesterday) building a startup venture was a process based on 19th-century ideas. Typically in a startup it has an idea, puts together a Powerpoint, pitches investors, and, if funded, goes off and in a black box builds a product, debuts it. Fingers crossed.

But let's do it a new way. With users involved from day one.

Welcome to my new venture. You're part of it. How? Read on. I call it crowd-sourced company building. Not funding. Not Kickstarter. Something new, with users more like informal product managers, offering feedback along the way on features and more they like.

I've already started the angel investor process, have the idea and am starting mobile app development. But I want to include you in the shaping of the service FROM DAY ONE.

Because if we look at any company online it is actually the sum of its users.

Take away the 100 million users on an Amazon and you have a catalog.

Take away the 1 billion people signed up for Facebook and you have friendless (Faceless book?).

Take away the billions of Google searches and you have a database of links.

What if you could have had a say in how an Amazon, Facebook or Google was made from day one? Or any startup?

So welcome to new venture hapn, a new way of getting and sharing information.... You've already helped me in this by selecting hapn as the name of the company.

Next step is selecting which of the two following official company logo designs you prefer. Please keep in mind that hapn is a new way to get, share and consumer info and news....So, informal product manager, which do you like? Thanks for your help. Welcome to company building 2.0.