06/16/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Census Makes #LastDayCensus Push

We're making a last big push right now to get people to return their 2010 Census form by Fri., April 16 - the last day to submit Census forms by mail before census takers start doing door-to-door visits to count the population.

Compare the cost (42 cents per household if it's mailed back; $57 per household if people are counted in person).

If everyone mailed it back, it could save the country $1.5 BILLION.

We're asking the country to help spread the word in any way they can -- by email, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon or skywriting -- and share the image, link and/or hashtag.

For this, there are two key items:
1. A sharable poster (two files attached and also available online in English and in Spanish)
2. A special hashtag that is being widely used on Twitter (#LastDayCensus)

Thank you to everyone for doing your part to help count the nation!