10/23/2012 04:45 pm ET Updated Dec 23, 2012

If the Beltway Media Had Been at AT&T Park, Instead of the Debate

The San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals wrapped up a series of games in the National League Championship Series last night with both teams seeking to portray their performance in the most favorable light.

Picking up where they left off in Game 6 of the Series, the Giants had their supporters out of their seats, making a gleeful ruckus, from the early going of the contest. However, according to a team source this reporter interviewed in the elevator ride down from the press box after the game, a small group of Cardinals fans seated in a cluster near the visiting dugout more than held their own.

The events on the field broke little new ground. Pitches were made, bats fiercely cutting the air, but questions remained about whether the outcome of the game would in fact have any real effect on fan perception.

"Everyone in this clubhouse is nothing but proud of the way we handled ourselves in this series," said an emotional Cardinals player after the game.

The hometown Giants, for their part, seemed eager in the aftermath of the game to create the impression that their performance was somehow dominant and decisive. Some pointed to the final score, 9-0, and the fact that the Giants will be playing Detroit in the World Series, opening Wednesday night in San Francisco.

A source in the Cardinals organization disputed that view, however. "They can say what they want," said the source. "We don't feel we have anything to be ashamed of."

Asked about several clear misplays, which helped determine the course of the game, the source grew defensive. "Are you biased against our guys? We're not going to forget this next year."