08/20/2012 06:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Would Happen If You Left Two Dozen Pianos All Around LA?

Since 2008, British artist Luke Jerram has been placing pianos all over cities around the world. Usually about 30 pianos are tuned up and placed in specially selected locations all over town and the left to see what happens.

When the project arrived in Los Angeles Jeremy Weinglass, his wife Kim and I decided to make a film. We picked a song and set about our adventure.

Three days of shooting and a week or so of editing... and we were done.

Clocks -- performed by Jeremy Weinglass from Steve Payne on Vimeo.

In an effort to retain the integrity of the original concept, I chose to record the live sound of each piano. Note to self: Pianos left out on the street for a month will rarely stay in tune.

But it is what it is. Clanky pianos, badly out of tune, with missing keys and pedals can still be beautiful.

Thanks for watching and you can find out more about this project by visiting the links below: