01/22/2015 03:24 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2015

If You Hate Your Job, Here's How to Make It Better

Anthony Bradshaw via Getty Images

A reader just sent me in a question about not liking their job.

As both a former employee of crappy jobs and an employer, I see both sides of this issue.

And just to be perfectly clear, I'm not talking about job abuse, sexual intimidation, or the other host of illegal or hostile activities that might just happen to occur at a workplace. Employees have rights. But one of those rights is not to be entertained.

When an employer hires someone they are paying for labor to accomplish tasks. That task might be sweeping out the stock room or selling out the showroom. It doesn't mater.

Employees are paid to do a job and that's all employers expect.

Your boss wants you to at least do the job you were hired for and if you want to add value to your position then be motivated to do more and to help the company succeed.

Your job is not there to fill your weekday hours. It is there to trade your labor and time for a wage of a certain amount. Any perks you get beyond that are an added benefit. Be grateful for them.

Sadly, many employers struggle to find people who will come in on time, be professional, give the job the effort required, and accomplish the task at hand.

And don't think for a minute this advice is directed at minimum wage hourly employees. There are plenty of high wage employees that just don't understand these basic employment concepts. And I'll admit when I was new to the working world, I had not received the memo either.

My 16-year-old self was bitching about having to clean out dirty aquariums at the pet store. My 55-year-old-self now wonders what I was thinking. It was my job and what they were paying me to do. I was an idiot.

I think the minority of employees just don't get the definition of a job. The vast majority of people I've observed or employed, seem to care, perform the assigned tasks, and help their company grow.

Someone once said the definition of a boss is the person who has to get up early and go to work to find out who is coming in late. All it takes is just a few people to ruin the day of the supervisor. Don't be one of them.

So when my reader asks me if he should stop making his car payment because his job is boring, it makes me cringe. Granted he has some other underlying issues to deal with as well.

But if you hate your job, maybe the reason you think your boss isn't meeting your expectations of what your job should be is because you don't understand the concept of what a job really is. To turn things around and start loving your job, maybe these life experience tips will help:

  1. Start coming to work 15 minutes early each day and be ready to work at the assigned time.
  2. Understand you are being paid to accomplish tasks for the company, not entertained.
  3. Don't stir up shit at work.
  4. Do your assigned tasks with a smile on your face and enthusiasm for more responsibilities.
  5. If you don't like your job, find a different job, and quit. Everyone will be happier if you do.

And finally, maybe rather than be sad and depressed about your job you can be thankful and grateful someone gave you a chance to show how valuable you can be. The rest is up to you.