07/06/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kodak CMO on Who's Getting it Right?

Q&A: Who in the market is "getting it right"?

Steve Rosenbaum:
When you look out into the marketplace right now are there a couple of companies that you think are getting the mix right, put Kodak to the side, are there some coders you look at right now and say boy those guys got it figured out?

Jeffrey Hayzlett: I look at Dell, people think about the PC maker I really like what Dell has done with their social media. I love the way they have started the Dell Hell blog cause they had customer service problems. In fact, we kind of looked at them and said let's model some things that we did at Kodak in terms of Cheap Blogger and stuff like that. I think their company in certainly product design and the way they release them, like Apple you can't beat.

So, at the same time you have to understand, I think Blackberry has got an unbelievable value proposition. They are an email machine with that they just haven't been able to get to the apps and the other things that I think that a lot of others would like. So, I carry both an iPhone and a Blackberry because I like the iPhone experience from one side but I love the Blackberry as an email machine. I hate typing like that and I love typing like that. Last night my wife was joking "How was your work out?" I said, "I don't know, check my thumbs." Cause that's where I'm really working out.

So, I think there are some companies that really get it and there's some emerging companies that will get it even more. The younger more internet savvy companies tend to see, you know they're cooler right now.

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