01/28/2014 01:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Remember When Music Was Pissed! (and Nice?)

The #Waywire editors watched the Grammys. We know that robots now make music that wins awards. We know that Pink has a second career pending with Cirque du Soleil. But somehow all the twerking and such seemed to make the oldsters wince a bit. Carole King never wore a thong onstage the best we remember.

Which brings us to Pete Seeger. Man. Until the day he died, he was fired up, engaged, political, and full of purpose. He hung out and supported Occupy Wall Street. He was a powerful dude. And so, we thought a few of his videos were the best tribute we could think up. Enjoy.

American Folk Singer and Activist Pete Seeger Dies at 94

American folk singer Pete Seeger, who co-wrote enduring songs like "If I Had a Hammer" and in turn became a leading voice for social justice, died on Monday at the age of 94. He was variously hailed in social and traditional media as a "hero," "America's conscience" and "a man of the people." Seeger died of natural causes at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, according to his record company Appleseed Recordings.

Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

MarkMolaro wrote: Film and interview clip of Jim Brown on The Alcove with Mark Molaro, discussing his extraordinary biographical documentary on folk legend Pete Seeger. For the full, free interview go to or

Pete Seeger - "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

mtlborn wrote: Here's Pete at the Kisses Sweeter than Wine: The Guthrie Legacy Concert in Tarrytown NY. April 23, 2010.

Pete Seeger - "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" (w/ Arlo Guthrie)

jguth3 wrote: Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger LIVE at Wolftrap. Pete leads everyone to sing his famous song. He was seventy four at that time and every year he keeps saying, "Well, ya know, this will be my last time".

Pete Seeger - "If I Had A Hammer (The Hammer Song)" (1956)
MrBLadislav wrote: song performed by the author, recording from 1956 is the album Love Songs for Friends and Foes .. record filmed in Australia in 1963 under the world tour Pete Seeger ..

Pete Seeger - "We Shall Overcome"

Martin Bertelsen wrote: Pete Seeger sings We Shall Overcome.

Pete Seeger and Freedom Summer

AmericanExperience wrote: During 1964's Freedom Summer, folk singer Pete Seeger was performing for a Meridian, Mississippi church congregation when he got word that the bodies of missing civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney had been found. American Experience interviewed Seeger about this experience in April 2013.