09/04/2014 10:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'And She Walked Happily Ever After'

As summer is winding down, schools are starting, vacations are over and it's time to start putting those summer shoes you have been wearing the last three months away till next year. That means your feet will have to endure many different heel heights in cramped closed quarters wearing the latest fall and winter footwear.

Since closed footwear will be the shoes of choice for the next nine months, especially for the professionals whose shoe uniform requires high heels, here are a few tips to help your feet make the shoe transition easier and more comfortable.

Common complaints with closed shoes range from arch cramps and muscle spasms to burning sensations on the ball of your feet. To eliminate these types of complaints, wear an over-the-counter arch support or a custom-made orthotic in your shoes. These types of foot products will take pressure off the ball of your foot, relax the muscles in the arch of your foot and reduce the daily fatigue your foot goes through when wearing shoes all day at work or during your daily activities.

Unfortunately, some of these products can be bulky and hard to fit in your shoes so look for ones that will not take a lot of room. Another tip is placing a pair of thin soft insoles in your shoes which will increase the shoe comfort and reduce the pounding your feet take on a daily basis. Most of these items can be found at your local shoe store or drug store. Always bring a pair of shoes with you to ensure proper fit. These products can also be found online and you will have a greater selection to choose from. Type in key words such as "arch supports for fashion footwear," "arch supports" or "orthotics" and it will get you to the right web sites.