09/30/2013 10:30 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2013

Tiger Woods Deserves PGA Tour Player of the Year Honor

He came up empty in the search for his 15th major championship and came up a little short in his bid for the Fed-Ex cup, but Tiger Woods was deservedly named the PGA Tour Player of the year yet again. In fact, it's the 11th time he's finished the year with this illustrious honor.

The simple fact is this was indeed another year of the Tiger. Woods captured five tour titles, and despite another season without a major, he managed to finish first in the all-around ranking and second in scoring average, and also stays ranked #1 in the world.

What defines Tiger as a champion like no other is his ability to live in the present while being focused on the future. No sooner after being named Player of The Year, Woods said next season his goal is to "win each and every event he tees it up in." Probably unlikely coming from anyone else, but when words like that come from Tiger you better look out. It could happen!

While amateurs often live in the past, champions look towards the future. Pros habitually focus on the present while creating their ultimate vision for, and landscape of, the future. This future orientation allows them to dream of grand visions and unlimited possibilities. It also keeps them motivated and moving forward by keeping the proverbial carrot in front.

Amateurs like to talk about the good old days, and how they wish things were like they were before. The pros are just the opposite. They reverse and respect the past, but place responsibility for the future squarely on their shoulders. Taking personal responsibility for failures, successes and actions in general is a trait of world-class performers.

Such a bold statement about winning every tour event he tees it up in also tells us something else about Tiger. Like most champions, he has enormous faith, most notably the faith he has in himself. The great ones like Woods have an extremely high level of self-trust, even when they are failing. This faith in self may stem from being raised in a positive environment or from performers talking themselves into it.

Muhammad Ali admits he told the world he was the greatest before he truly was as a way to bolster his faith in his own skills. Champions like Woods also have faith in their goals and dreams becoming a reality, while amateurs are often deathly afraid of believing in something that may or may not happen.

Tiger Woods is one of the boldest daring visionaries to have ever played the game of golf. One of the most important habits of the great ones is the creation, nurturing and ongoing psychological evolution of their ultimate vision. The consciousness of a performer like Tiger Woods is so powerful it needs little, if any, outside support to maintain motivation and direction toward its vision. That's why when the good and the great go head-to-head, it's a mismatch from the start. The great ones like Woods create their vision, and then their vision creates them.

The bottom line is this: Sports fans will go back and forth giving their reasons why Tiger deserved to be the PGA Tour Player of the year. While his five tour victories, number one ranking and impressive scoring average all were contributing factors, the real reason is much more. He simply is, and probably will always be, the greatest talent the sport has ever seen.