06/18/2012 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hollywood Exclaims: Stop Mistreating Deceptive Politicians! (VIDEO)

The Supreme Court has already made it clear that corporations are people. It's time to acknowledge that political dishonesty has the same legitimacy as political truth.

What happened to freedom of speech?!

America used to be the country where a man (and since 1920, a woman) could speak freely without some holier-than-thou, sanctimonious, do-gooder, blathering on about how politicians had to be honest with the public. I'm guessing that these same people would have wanted President Roosevelt telling Adolf what time we were hitting Normandy; or would have had Yogi Berra tell Brooklyn Dodger hitters what pitches perfect-game Don Larson was going to throw. Whether ruining America's war effort or America's pastime, these Democracy-interrupters have been hell-bent in getting in the way of... America.

Today, it's worse than ever. These self-righteous, anti-patriots now want the public to rise up against good-old, American spinmanship., an offshoot website of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, is putting the spotlight on politicians, candidates, pundits and political parties by satirically pointing out misinformation in campaign commercials, speeches and newscasts. They do it by creating tongue-in-cheek videos that make a mockery of political misrepresentation -- the hallmark of election process since the beginning of time and before.

But finally there are real patriots who are standing up to Flackcheck and saying "enough." A cadre of Hollywood actors and comedians have seen too much of this crime against humanity and have taken to the airwaves to demand Flackcheck cease and desist.

Consequently, entertainers like Richard Lewis, Rita Rudner, Paul Rodriguez, Bruce Davison, Paula Poundstone, Harry Hamlin, Ed Asner and Seinfeld's Mickey, Danny Woodburn, are appearing in a series of public service announcements calling for Flackcheck to leave politicians alone to interpret the facts the way they want the public to understand them; not the way some diligent fact checker, who lets the facts speak for themselves, does.

If you treasure your freedoms, check out this video and then click on to and tell them to stop trying to make politics honest.

Steve Young is author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful."