07/15/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Limbaugh on O'Reilly: The Man Is Ted Baxter

Can this writer who has spent years revealing the absurdities and damage done to real debate get a better gift?

In the Zev Chavets piece on Rush Limbaugh in this week's New York Times Sunday Magazine, El Rushbo, the undisputed, big buck, contract king of all of talk, actually said that "(O'Reilly) is Ted Baxter."

Will Keith Olbermann expand his "Best Person In The World" to the full hour?

Will Al Franken stop writing books?

Will close its doors as nothing more need be posted?

Will Susan Sarandon be getting sweet, sweet love tonight?

So that the Folks™ don't buy the standard BillO "out of context" defense, here be the full context of his comments:

At dinner the night before, Bill O'Reilly's name came up, and Limbaugh expressed his opinion of the Fox cable king. He hadn't been sure at the time that he wanted it on the record. But on second thought, "somebody's got to say it," he told me. "The man is Ted Baxter."

Really, nothing more need be written... but for those of you who weren't here for the beginning of... Read the rest of the story.

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