11/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Politics Most Stupid Move Becomes The Most Booed: Palin Curse Hits Philly


Philadelphia Flyers owner and major Republican donor, Ed Snider piped in the loudest music he could, but it couldn't camouflage the Philly boos snowing down on Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin. In what will be known forever in Philly history as the Palin Curse, it set the scene for one of the Flyers' worst opening night, opening period performances ever as they found themselves down to the New York Rangers, 4-0 before the first period was over.

In what should have been a sweet, memorable moment for Philadelphian Kathy O'Connell, voted the Flyers top hockey mom, Snider forced O'Connell to become part of a national embarrassment when Palin was bought onto the ice next to accompanied by a barrage of boos from the Philly faithful.

Congrats McCain campaign. Mess up a wet dream? You even ruined a home team's opening HEAR/SEE THE BOOING VIDEO EVIDENCE HERE

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