01/31/2008 08:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rebuilding America's Transportation Infrastructure

I am at "Moving America Forward?": A Presidential Candidates Forum on Transportation and Infrastructure, moderated by Samuel I. Schwartz and Sponsored by the NYU Wagner Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management. I will be blogging this event this morning. In all honesty, too much is being said for me to report all the key points I want to report on live. So, I will expand on what I am able to capture now later today, once I've gotten copies of all the representatives' opening statements and debriefed with the organizers of the event.

Allison C. de Cerreno, Director, NYU Wagner Rudin Center, has made introductory remarks, highlighting the fact that all the Democratic candidates sent their representatives, but only Senator McCain's campaign tried to send a representative (and that effort did not succeed due to scheduling problems). So, despite the organizers efforts to make this a bipartisan Forum, it is only a Forum of Democratic campaign representatives.

Frank McArdle, Senior Adviser for the General Contractors Association of New York and appointed by Senator Hillary Clinton to the National Commission on Transportation Policy and Finance, is representing Senator Clinton's campaign.

David Eisenbach, Communications Director for Senator Mike Gravel and a professor of media and politics at Columbia University, is representing Senator Gravel's campaign.

Doug Biviano, NY State Campaign Coordinator for Dennis Kucinich and a former practicing professional engineer (civil and environmental) and current NYC peace commission and conflict resolution developer, is representing Dennis Kucinich's campaign.

David Narefsky, Senior Transportation Policy Committee member for Senator Barack Obama and a partner in the Government Practice Group, Chicago Office, of Mayer Brown, LLP, is representing Senator Obama's campaign.

(This order was chosen at random.)

I will also add information to the completed version of this report on how to watch this Forum at the NYU Wagner Rudin Center's web site.