03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Los Angeles 10 for '10

I've lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, and it's 2010, so I figured I'd make a list of 10 things I might finally get to doing this year that I've talked about forever. How many will actually happen? I'd put my money on three.

Visit Trout Dale - Often when my friends and I go surf North Malibu, we end up taking Kanan Road to cut form the 101 to the 1. Halfway inbetween the two is the greatest place ever, called Trout Dale. Basically a stocked pond for fishing in this little throwback looking fishing, picnic-ish theme park setting. My friends and I joke about stopping every time but are usually thinking more about getting in the water or getting in a beer, depending on our direction. For $7 you rent a bamboo rod and a bucket of bait. On top of all that awesomeness, their URL is Who do I pay? Let's do this.

Beer float at Golden State - What's a Beer float? I don't know. Actually I don't care. If it's anything close to a scoop of Ice Cream in a beer, sign me up. That's the kind of thing you'd do at home and feel like a total loser for, like putting peanut butter on your Froot Loops. But in a real restaurant on a real menu? Instant legitimizer. Not gluttonous... just fine dining. It helps that they use ice cream from the best spot in LA, Scoops. Golden State.

Ski Mt. Waterman - I remember watching Better Off Dead as a kid and thinking, "this is a pretty great movie, but the part where they can just drive up to skiing from suburban Los Angeles is a stretch." Of course I'd zero in on that instead of monster tentacles coming out of a cooking pot. Turns out that I was totally wrong about the skiiing. There are a few places around here to go, but the closest to me is Mt. Watermen up the 2. It's so close I've ridden my bike past it. It's only open on weekends and struggles to stay afloat (the ski area next to it no longer opens), but the fact that it's so amazing and so close is something I want to see while they are still operating. It just needs some snow. Mt. Watermen.

Water park! - I know. They are gross and full of kids and I should be too old. But there is no way Raging Waters isn't still fun. I'll let you know how it goes.

Eat at Mozza - I love pizza. I love any kind of pizza. At worst it's just a slice of pizza that I'll have no problem eating and it gets better from there. I also love thin crust pizza and I'm totally not afraid of fancy pizza. So why haven't I tried Mozza yet? I don't know. It's just one of those things where the stars haven't lined up. But if there is one to-do on this list that is definitely happening, I'd put my money on this one (and the beer float). Mozza.

Catch some independent theatre - Just kidding. This is a haven't-done streak that I'm actually proud of. If you ever see me at one of Los Angeles' many independent theatres, ask me to point out my girlfriend in the cast because that's about the only thing that would get me there. I just can't get down with the live acting. All I can do is concentrate on the duct tape hanging off the light rigging while I'm supposed to be pretending the farmer's monologue is actually taking place in a sunny, dusty field and not in a stuffy North Hollywood theatre.

Put the dishes away - What? It's in Los Angeles, so it counts. I have a terrible habit of living off the drying rack when it comes to dishes, but I also recognize how much better life is when you get your spoon out of a drawer. This is the year I make the change. Big, big change.

Visit Magic Castle - One day I was in the passport office expediting a passport because I didn't realize mine had expired. As I was sitting there, the people next to me were talking to a guy who was dressed a little funny for 10 a.m. at the passport office. Turns out the guy was a magician. (I get the feeling magicians love to talk about being magicians.) He worked his magic at the Castle, and right when his spiel was over the woman said, "can I ask you a favor...?" Before she could ask he said, "of course you can have passes, everyone asks me..." and handed out Magic Castle passes. I sheepishly asked for one also, because I've always wanted to go... but somehow lost it. (Or rather, it disappeared... magic!) This year I'm going to make some kind of call and finally get my magic dinner theatre on, castle style. Magic Castle.

Museum of Jurrasic Technology - What is it exactly? I'm not really sure. Everyone just says to go see it for yourself, so it's about time I do. Museum of Jurrasic Technology.

Watts Towers - This is one of those place you find out about even before moving to Los Angeles, or at least if you listened to a lot of West Coast hip-hop in the 90s. Picture of places like this never fully do them justice. I also love the idea of a man's personal project getting out of control to the point of becoming an icon. Watts Towers.

Well there's the list. Are they resolutions? No, I don't need that kinda monkey on my back. Just casual ideas for even more casual days. Try a few yourself, especially the beer float. And let's hear yours, I know I missed a million.