03/06/2012 01:48 pm ET Updated May 06, 2012

Club For Growth

A studious disregard of fact-based, actionable beliefs seems to be the hallmark of the current incarnation of "conservative." For in literalizing myth-based ideologies, be they religious or political, success of such ideological relationships depends wholly on perfection that is unsustainable and will in the real world, therefore, only ever fail.

This is why the GOP platform is in such a sad state: it depends on an unachievable perfection of a myth-based vision.

Arguably more sentimental and romanticized than any lefty dream of a communal-based society, the foundation forming the right's belief system seems to involve individual humans emulating gods (or at least demigods) whose superhuman philosophies inflame the emotions of impressionable college students yearning to hitch their wagons to stars, instead of committing to pulling the wagons themselves. It reeks of disdain for other people and even unconsciously embraces a Darwinism many of its very own religious believers reject.

The left's aspirations are far more earthbound and therefore fundamentally repulsive to those who've set their sights heavenward.

The right tends to embrace a view of the human body and its varied urges as being shameful, the planet as disposable, natural diversity as suspicious, and empathy as weakness. Added up, these beliefs denote a kind of laziness, something that should be anathema to the right-winger who ennobles the rugged, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps individual. Eschewing the effort it takes to help its fellow man to rise above the slime, it's comes across as oddly elitist, especially given its flagrant distaste for the working class and the swooning glorification of plutocrats.

Enlightenment only comprises only a fraction of recorded human history -- the rest is darkness and struggle. As though beholden to genetic gravity, humanity inevitably sinks from whatever height it may temporarily attain and come to rest with the very dust from which it was made, unless acted upon by forces to keep it aloft.

And those forces are the evolved wisdom wrought from a fearless embrace of truth, an acceptance of our own imperfections, an understanding of people's fears and hopes, a curiosity borne from an unflinching understanding that more is unknown than known. The right would limit such choices; the left would offer them.

But only one of those options assures growth.