08/08/2013 07:00 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2013

Balkans Road Trip (Part 2)

We arrived in Sarajevo and stayed at the Hollywood Hotel. Well, it may have had the name, but it sure did not have the service or design. But, for Bosnia, it was OK. The air conditioning was not so great, the food was a bit off and it was extremely crowded with people from all over the world who had come to Bosnia for different reasons. Dr. Osmanagic, the researcher who discovered the Bosnian pyramid complex, asked me to speak at the opening dinner ceremony and that was spur of the moment. I saw that there were many New Age people there, so had to watch my words.

The next day we had a walking tour of Sarajevo. It was brilliantly sunny, hot and humid. In fact, Eastern Europe was having a major heat wave, just in time for our visit! I think the heat and the sun made some people a bit edgy and reactive. Sarajevo has been a melting pot for Jews, Christians and Muslims over the centuries. It had a high tolerance for other cultures and many came here to escape persecution. This makes it so ironic that such a city would be the scene of death and destruction due to intolerance and ethnic cleansing.

In the 1990s, 12,000 people died in Sarajevo during the war. In Bosnia, over 100,000 died. the mass anonymous graves are still being found. Although Bosnia is a gorgeous green country of mountains and magnificent rivers and lakes, one can also see the remains of bombed out buildings and homes that have never been repaired or removed. I always wondered who lived in them and what became of them.

During the walk, we saw ancient alleys, mosques, new buildings put up since the war, many souvenir shops where one can by a pen made from bullet casing and wonderful restaurants and cafes. The food is marvelous. No GMO, yet. In Muslim establishments, no alcohol is available, yet you can smoke anywhere. Strange bending of rules.

We also saw an Eternal Flame monument which was burning uninterrupted for many decades, until a drunk driver crashed into it, extinguishing the fire. The story goes that he just left his car there and walked away. A new flame was re-created in the same spot.

We had our first meeting at the hotel that evening. We met our wonderful Turkish readers who told us the truth of what was happening in Istanbul. Some participants were not able to attend at all. Little did we know then, that this was a sign of things to come...

This was a long and very hot day. The bus was barely air-conditioned and filled with a lot of French New Age people with crystal skulls. Mon Dieu!

We drove through the gorgeous countryside, viewing pristine blue-green rivers, tall mountains and even a large vineyard which produces the most amount of grapes in Bosnia. The country's southern section is called Herzegovina, where many of the Muslims live. Officially, the nation is called, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The license plate designation says, BiH.

We arrived in the town of Mostar, famous for the Serbian attack on the historical bridge that spans the river in the town. We walked along the main street, viewing the many souvenir shops and cafes. The bridge is in an upside-down "V" shape so a bit difficult to cross. Fortunately, it was dry outside and there are raised strips of stone across the width of the bridge to help people get a foothold while crossing.

There are divers who stand on the bridge's edge and dive the long drop into the river below. It is scary to watch, but they all seem to survive and enjoy the ride. On the banks of the river below, there is a cafe and a cement patio where people can get some sun and dip into the cool water.

Mostar has a room behind a shop where one can watch an emotional film about the destruction and rebuilding of the bridge, which has become a symbol of the unification and "bridging" of issues within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We continued on to famous Madjugorje, the location of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to 6 children back in the 1970s and supposedly still continues today on a daily basis. The town is based on all of this and completely commercial. There is an underlying religious theme, which to me, was fake and full of programming.

We left and went on to a rural area where objects known as "staceks," pronounced -- stay-checks. These are white stone monuments about the size of a living room couch. They are thousands of years old and only 5% have carvings that were created on them centuries after they were made. The rest, 95%, are blank. No one knows their purposes, who built them or how they were built. There are hundreds scattered around the countryside. It is proposed by Dr. Osmanagich that they are energy enhancers and transmitters of the Earth's energy field.
We returned to Sarajevo after 1a. We were burned, hot, sweaty, exhausted and starving. But, no rest for the weary! Had to be up the next day to catch the bus to Visoko and the pyramids...

This is what we really came to see and experience. There is nothing like it on the planet. It is estimated that these structures are over 40,000 years old, making them the oldest manufactured complexes known to exist. A fossilized leaf was found embedded on the surface of one of the building blocks which carbon dated to over 32,000 years old, meaning that the stone it was on was even older.

There is approximately 1 to 2 meters of earth and vegetation covering the pyramids. It took a lot of years for such an amount of material to build up over these structures. It is also believed that at one time, they may have gone underwater, perhaps before the last ice age.

The tunnels are always at 12C/52F at all times. The tunnels are uncovered slowly so as not to destroy anything that may be hidden in them. With a full force of hundreds of volunteer workers, only 1 meter/3 feet per day can be opened. It is a time consuming and tedious project. At this rate, it may take over 70 years to fully reveal the depths of the tunnels. Sonic resonance indicates that the tunnels are in many layers of depths and continue on many kilometers away from the complex.

A lot of healing energy exists in these tunnels and at the surface of the pyramids. People have been cured of cancer, asthma and many other illnesses. However, I believe that this is a result or side-effect of the energies here and not the main purpose for the construction. Privately, one of the guides who has been there for years and knows a lot that is not given to the public, said that these structures were built by non-humans who came here from somewhere else -- either another part of this universe or from an alternate reality -- in order to experience life on Earth.

This guide also said that when they opened up one of the tunnels, they found winged dragons on the ceiling which was removed. There were 2 dragons -- an adult and a baby. He said that part of the tunnel collapsed, killing the big one, while the baby dragon flew away! Wonder where it went!

There are also tunnels which go up and down at weird angles, unlike that which would have been created by humans. It seemed that these were built to accommodate insect-type of beings or creatures, or perhaps reptilians. Whomever or whatever built these, had no natural light by which to build. So, they either had technology for lighting or could see in the dark naturally, like insects.

I propose that there were humanoid beings here who were involved in the creation of humankind and had workers who were very insect-like. I kept sensing beings that were like ants, scorpions and spiders. Interestingly, the organization for the Bosnian Pyramids has an ant worker on its logo!

Dr. Timothy Wood, a New Zealand scientist and archeologist who is working for the Bosnian Pyramid Foundation, confirmed to me that what we see above is also below, in effect, creating an octahedron structure, not just a four-sided pyramid! He has also found strange artifacts in the tunnels as well as on the surface of the excavated pyramids that need to be studied and understood.

There may be a subterranean lake in the middle of the complex that is providing the water source that amplifies the compound of structures. It is my opinion and belief, that this entire grouping of structures was "created" rather than built. I believe it was manifested from the energy of the area using some advanced technology that would appear to be magical to modern day humans.

It is also evident that the tunnels were sealed tightly from the INSIDE, not filled in from outside. That means that there is either a connection to other locations underground where these beings may still exist, or, that they used a vortex to escape from the area.

Everyone who went on this trip with us, had their lives turned upside down in various ways. None of us will ever be the same. A great, but difficult purging occurred. The process still continues even when back home.

Many changes will occur now, personally, professionally, mentally, emotionally and in ways yet to be understood or outlined. I will be discussing this in great detail at our Expansions Conference this October 2013.

Those of you who can, should visit the Bosnian Pyramid and Tunnel Complex as soon as you can. It is not for the faint of heart, nor for the casual vacationer. If you go, you will never be the same. Ever.