06/23/2010 01:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Perfect Time for a New Labor Party

Got a call this morning from someone soliciting funds for candidates. I'm on so many call lists that I had to ask which group this was. I wanted to make sure that it was not just a normal Democratic fund to be doled out to Blue Dogs and people like Blanche Lincoln. The caller said no, this was a group dedicated to progressive candidates. The two of us had a healthy, cathartic rant to each other about Lincoln, Ben Nelson and the rest of the DINO's (Democrats In Name Only).

Then I found out that the judge who ruled in favor of the oil companies that the moratorium on offshore drilling was unconstitutional is a large shareholder in the oil and energy business. Another judge bought and sold by big business. We are now a country that no longer has a middle class. We just have two: The Investing Class and the Non-Investing Class.

Now that the Republicans are split down the middle, isn't it the right time for progressives to branch off, too? The Democrats want our money but don't want to be seen with us. Maybe its time to we started our own party. The Labor Party. (Yes, I know all about the American Labor Party in the 30's. Same idea but the problem was that they didn't have any viable candidates of their own. They pretty much just endorsed. We already have a large group of Laborites already in place.)

The party would be progressive. Labor is the backbone of America. Green jobs would be a top priority. Roll back the Reagan and Bush tax cuts for the rich. For the vast majority of Americans who are disgusted with both parties, this would give voice to the voiceless. There are a lot of office holders and Supreme Court appointees who pledge allegiance to corporate America instead of the United States. Obviously they wouldn't be welcome in the Labor party. If one chooses to be a corporatist, that's fine. Let them come out of the shadows and be proud of what they stand for. If they're not for labor, they're against it. Run on the message that corporations are more important than people. There are no shades of grey here. Let's put it to a vote. I'm willing to take that chance in state and national elections.

The world "Labor" leaves no uncertainty as to who and what we stand for. Just as "Republican" means nothing now, so does the word "Democrat," which has been mangled by those who constantly sell the party out. The Green Party label will forever be associated with the Ralph Nader debacle. (Right idea to have a third party, just the worst possible time to act on it). It's also the kind of word that the mainstream media can't lie about. It's Labor. Do you think any Laborite would ever be seen dancing with a corporate shill like David Gregory at a White House Correspondent's Dinner? Hey, do you think that a Laborite would even want to go to that dinner?

Why not emulate Great Britan in forging coalitions? If the party that is in power wants to govern, they'd have to cut a deal with Labor or Big Business or nothing will get done. We already have a two party system that's not working so this is hardly a stretch. All politicians will have to put their money where their mouth is. Elections might just mean something again.

Let Rahm Emanuel and rest of his posse keep the Democratic name. It means nothing now. In fact, both brands are so damaged that a lot of political commercials over the last few years don't even mention party affiliation.

The Republicans are split and the Democrats are their own worst enemy. The timing is perfect for another party. I'm sure this idea has a lot of holes in it (and you'll point them out to me), but if not now, when?