11/13/2010 10:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sophie Conti's Humor Is As Refreshing As Her Style, She Says Sonia Rykiel Is "Dope" (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

If Larry David and Bridget Bardot had a daughter, it would be Sophie. She is as dry and direct as she is stylish and coy. Her "Shoe Episode" story (in the video) about the co-worker at Dior in Paris, who runs out on their lunch break to buy the same Balmain-inspired shoes as hers, is no-holds-barred refreshing honesty and hilarity. Keep reading below. This was originally posted on

Then there is the "Louboutin/Herve" or "Too Ferocious/Not Enough Compensation" Episode. Sophie was walking down the street in an anorak that she chopped into too short a dress with a blazer and "too sexy" Fendi boots, and a truck driver "with Jersey plates" yells out to her, "Where are your pants?" And she said "it hit home," (her mom's voice, "Sophie, it's too much"), and proceeded to run into the nearest boutique to buy flat chunky ankle booties to balance the outfit and drops the heels at a friend's. Then there is "The House Burned Down Episode," when at 6 she moved with her family from Paris to London. Her grandmother, "the little Jew from LA, the personal shopper at Nordstrom's, the sailor suit queen," came to visit them, and left her cigarettes and lighters all over the place for her and her brother to play with, and the rest is history. Her dad was "freaking out," her grandmother in the sailor suit was "having a heart attack," her mom, matter-of-fact, said, "Well, I guess we're staying at the hotel tonight," her brother still standing there with the lighter, and Sophie in her scalloped blouse, navy cardigan, and Mary Janes, always stylish while a little mischievous.


The "exposed and awkward" family picture in the local paper afterwards was straight out of a Wes Anderson film. Her brother, Thomas, looking "like the naughtiest boy," is quoted: "It hurts my heart." "That was the end of that stage," says Sophie. Her family then moved back to Paris, where her mom started working for Sonia Rykiel, who had a "dope children's line," and Sophie was into a new form of expression in rhinestones and stripes. Today, a touch of France in her timeless cabernet suede pumps, with some trendier New York faux reptile leggings and even a bit of Greenwich in her oversized button down wrinkled men's shirts with shit-kicking shoes and rose wine by the pool, Sophie's a force to be reckoned with. All Libra-Scorpio intensity and passion (takes one to know one), I am looking forward to the continuing unrestrained, while the height of sophisticated, adventures of Sophie Conti.

"The transition moving from Paris to Greenwich was so bizarre. People don't know where to categorize you. Everyone's wearing Vineyard Vines and little belts with miniature whales and sea horses and lobsters. I would go home and my mom is wearing chinchilla high waisted underwear and a kimono." -Sophie Conti

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