11/19/2012 11:47 am ET Updated Jan 19, 2013

Brow Styles To Suit Your Wedding Theme

Every bride-to-be knows the details matter. When choosing a wedding style, be it subtle or more blatant, everything from the dress, to the flowers, to the décor, to the groomsmen's shoes count. Well, the brows are no exception. If current trends have taught us anything, it's that brows, just like themed weddings, are having a moment. Choosing the proper brow shape and style to compliment your specific wedding theme can offer the perfect polish to your bridal look, not to mention a super fun way to express your individual style on your wedding day. That's why we're revealing the brow styles to match some favorite wedding day concepts:

Hollywood Glamour. Think timeless; this popular vintage-inspired wedding theme often calls for the bold, polished makeup and streamlined clothing of old Hollywood. To get the brows to match, think strong, angled arches reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. Choose a brow pencil one shade darker than your natural color to create definition and highlight just below the arch with a shimmering brow pencil to give brows an extra lift.

Rustic or Bohemian. Though this theme typically calls for a more natural look, it does not mean all brow grooming is out the window. If you have not already allowed your brows to take their most natural shape, you'll want to give yourself at least 3 months to let them to grow out. Once brows have reached their natural shape, simply clean up sparse hairs, without creating too obvious of a shape. Use a brow powder to lightly fill in any "holes" in brow growth and set the look it place with a wax pencil. The key here is to walk a line between effortless and precisely polished.

Modern. The modern bride usually encompasses the subtleness of a traditional or classic bride, but with a little more edge. Think clean, polished, and elegant, without seeming severe. Whether you go bold or subtle, you'll want to have precisely shaped arches, so a professional brow stylist is your best bet. To style, consider a combination of brow powder and pencil to create a fresh, but finished brow style.

Novelty or Decade. If you're opting for a more obvious wedding theme, this could be your opportunity to bring the whole look together. If you are inspired by a certain decade, take notice of the brow styles of the time. For instance, a 1920's themed wedding will call for thin, dramatically penciled brows. Don't want to commit to a completely new brow shape for your wedding? We don't blame you. Instead, try experimenting with nude brow bases, which can give the illusion of a different shaped brow. The key is to remain accurate. So, do your research and when in doubt, visit a brow professional who can help you achieve the proper look.

Fairytale Inspired. Ethereal, whimsical, princess-like brides exude a certain magic on their wedding day. If this is you, consider a soft, subtle brow shape that appears natural and delicate. Using one shade lighter for dark haired brides and the color of your darkest brow hair for blondes, lightly brush a tinted powder over brows. To create glimmering definition, try lightly dusting a shimmering brow pencil, such as Sumita Beauty's Brow Glow, over brows. For an even bolder fairy tale look, consider delicate crystal or gem embellishments at the corners of your brows.

Once you've found the proper brow style to suit your theme, test it in pictures and video to be sure it translates properly. Remember, a themed wedding is all about committing to the details, and your brows are the perfect canvas to reflect your personal taste on such an occasion.

Click through the slideshow below for some brow inspiration.

Bridal Brows

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