03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Best Breasts Is A Booby Trap

Who thought up the voting for best breasts poll? You can vote on who has the biggest and best rack from gross to gorgeous) right here on the Huffington Post. and plenty of people have.

What woman in her right mind wants people to evaluate her hooters? Well if you look at the photo of Maria-Grazia-Cucinotta who starred in the wonderful movie Il Postino (About poet Pablo Neruda) broadcasting hers for the audience I guess you have your answer.

I know flashing your flesh sells magazine covers and gets people involved in polls, but I find it discouraging at best. These pushed up, pushed out, primped up breasts would lead anyone's mind directly to one thing. I include myself so I won't blame you for being one of them. 

Actress Susan Sarandon said, "For years I was more famous for my boobs than for my talent. [But] it is very hard to be naked in a scene and not be upstaged by your nipples. People don't even hear what you are saying for the first 30 seconds if you are standing there nude."

If you'd rather people notice your insights than the size and shape of your breasts, then keep them under wraps -- or at least don't make them front and center. Don't do anything to distract the public from your point. Breasts that draw attention at a first impression will upstage any talent or intelligence.

Can breasts be a good attention grabber without exploitation? Yes. Cleavage Creek wine developed an innovative PR campaign using photos of women who had breast cancer and featured them on their fine wines.

Owner Budge Brown, who lost his wife to breast cancer in 2005, and Cleavage Creek are dedicated to making exceptional wines and to fighting breast cancer. 10% of gross wine sales is donated to fund breast cancer research and support. They have donated over $55,000 to breast cancer causes. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so this is an excellent time to promote their wines, and the brave woman on their labels, in a tasteful manner.

Susan Harrow is the author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul. She runs a Media Consultancy where she helps everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to celebrity chefs, entrepreneurs to authors grow their business through media coaching and the power of PR. For more information please contact Susan.