03/19/2015 09:03 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Ways to Let Go of People and Places With Peace

Sometimes, what seems like the perfect situation can be absolute hell if it's not the right fit.

My first job out of college I worked for a prestigious, sexy and popular magazine company. Great pay; perks and goody bags galore. Great growth and benefits. Yet I wasn't fulfilled.

I couldn't shake it; I always felt like a tourist to that life. It just wasn't for me. After a few months I cut the cords and left to become a teacher, never looking back.


Situations can be just as draining to our life force and distracting from our purpose as energy vampires would be. Sometimes situations are changeable. But sometimes, not immediately, like a job, or seemingly not ever, like family gatherings. Whatever the situation, we can leave with grace, ease and in the highest integrity.

Say no, and get out of the situation, if you can! If you can't, then do everything you can to love and care for yourself in the situation. Practice tons of self-love.

Taking the attitude of a co-creator of life is powerful. I inquire why I am co-creating this situation for myself. I often ask: What is there for me to learn? When taking space, renewing or leaving a place or person I do the following practices to leave cleanly, without as much emotional or energetic residue.


1. I envision all the energy, heart, love and soul I've given to that place or person as a glowing ball of light and I take back what is mine. I know this doesn't diminish all I've given them. However, now we are parting ways, it's time I take what is mine back.

2. I envision anything they've given me as a ball of light, whether its good things like trust, love, care or in the case of a workplace, a salary, benefits, work, or hard things like critiques, harsh words, feelings or situations, I ball it all up as light and offer it back to them. I give them back what is their's and get clear on what isn't mine.

3. I forgive any misunderstandings of who I am, or who they are. Forgiveness is a huge key to letting go. Without this step, we hold onto anger or resentment it burns inside of us and keeps us attached to the situation rather than able to move on and move forward. Forgiveness is a key to freedom.


4. I forgive myself for anything I've felt, or that I might have done or said that wasn't in my highest being or for my or their highest benefit. I forgive myself for temporarily letting the situation allow me to forget who I truly am. Forgiving ourselves is a necessary part of the forgiveness process. We free ourselves from being stuck in the conditions that created the situation when we release through forgiveness.

5.I offer gratitude for what blessings, benefits and growth I've received. I find as many things I can be grateful for about the person or place as possible.

6. I bathe myself in a warm white light from earth and sky and offer gratitude and appreciation of myself for all my gifts and who I truly am. I list as many of my good qualities and gifts as I can. I remember myself at my highest being and know that everything happens for my personal, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. I open up to this growth and am ready to receive it with grace, ease and joy.

7. I wipe or chop my hands in front of my body as if I'm cutting energetic cords. Then I circle them around in joy and offer it all up, the whole experience, to the universe.