01/19/2012 01:13 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Angels at Risk: Stand Up to Addiction

Angels at Risk, a new cutting edge, nonprofit organization highlighting prevention education for drug and alcohol use and abuse with teens and their families, is excited about having our Second Annual Event "Stand Up to Addiction in the Name of Prevention" at the home of Jena and Michael King. We have been in existence for over 15 years, and have a proven model of success for spreading a positive, love inspired message to our communities, schools and families.

Our primary Angels at Risk program at Santa Monica High School is extremely overpopulated, almost to the point of unacceptable. We have up to 65 kids in one classroom, some of them sitting on the floor, and up to 50 parents, some of them standing in the back. We are understaffed, especially in comparison to the excessive need and demand. We continue to get requests for our services that we cannot meet because we don't have the monetary and staffing capabilities.

Angels at Risk is building a web between schools, rehabilitation centers and prevention programs. We continue to make a difference in the quality of our community, both in preventing short-term crisis and in maintaining long-term social stability. Our programs and services have created a successful coalition and we continue to be a juggernaut against drug and alcohol use and abuse.

Please visit our website at to find more information about our organization, including stories from parents and teens that have completed our program and letters of endorsement from our supporters.