08/11/2014 07:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Your Fears Reveal Your Age

I'm supposed to get through that?!! - birth

My parents won't hear me cry: birth to 5

Can I keep up: toddlers and those who've had knee replacements

I won't understand what's going on: 5 - death

That's me they're talking about: see "I won't understand what's going on"

My parents will hear me cry: teen years

I won't get picked: every age unless you're at a Quaker school

Test results: school kids and older adults

What if they want me to go? every age

What if they don't invite me? see "What if they want me to go?"

The envelope will be thin: college application year

I look too young: 20's

There are no jobs:the age you were in 2008 and since

Did I do it right: the sexually active years

How do I get out of here: see "Did I do it right?"

Do I have to be in the wedding party:decreases as you age

Do I look old: 50's

Will it hide what's going on: 60's

Where did I put it? - 70's

What was it I was looking for? - late 70's

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