11/27/2013 12:45 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2014

Walking Dead: Black & Unarmed

The bloodshed that divides us is thicker than the water that unites us. Old Uncle Sam has instilled a bias belief that enables some to judge life under state law and jungle rules. Eliminating the threat becomes a justification for murder that has little to do with protecting, serving or self-defense. When the victim is black, ballistics can't trace the superiority complex or built up disgust and hatred that comes from whoever pulls the trigger. The black victims didn't die because of their actions in the moment, yet the prior actions of other blacks who had the nerve to do whatever they've done (criminal or law-abiding) with an entitlement of freedom and equality. American progress is an awkward adjustment that is subjectively slow and grueling, especially when justice seems to be a coded pledge of allegiance to the flag from a yesteryear. Recently, in the history of the United States...

North Carolina - Jonathan Ferrell was killed by Randall Kerrick of the Charlotte Police. Jonathan was unarmed and not committing a crime. He was shot 10 times. Officer Kerrick was charged with voluntary manslaughter. He's an anomaly.

Georgia - The girlfriend of Jack Lamar Robertson called 911 for medical help. Waycross Police arrived and killed Jack, in his home. He was unarmed but law authorities claimed Jack "lunged" at them with 2 items that he was using as a weapon. The officers were placed on PAID administrative leave.

Michigan - There was no warning shot for Renisha McDade who was not killed by police. Even at the highest alcohol level in her blood I can't see how a shot to the head is anything less than the action one takes when threaten by a beast or... a zombie.

California - When Pasadena Police were responding to a robbery, 19 year old Kendrec McDade ended up dead. No stolen goods or weapons were found. The officers involved were placed on PAID administrative leave.

Georgia - Ervin Jerfferson was outside his Atlanta home protecting his sister who was in a dispute with a group who outnumbered her. Two private security guards from a neighboring apartment complex came to investigate the disturbance. One shot Ervin in the torso (fact) and the other drove his car into him (claim of witnesses). His mother was a witness. The guards were charged with impersonating police but not with murder. Ervin was 18 years old, weighed less than 125 lbs and was unarmed.

California - Steven Eugene Washington was unarmed, autistic and shot in the head. LAPD Chief of Police did an internal investigation that found the murder justified. A special commission overruled the decision but that only means the disciplinary actions (not criminal) would be enforced.

Colorado - Alonzo Ashley got in an argument with Police at the Denver Zoo over his use of a drinking fountain. He was unarmed and tasered to death. The officers faced no criminal charges making the case that Ashley had "extraordinary strength."

These people couldn't be human. Now ask me which "people" I'm talking about. In a previous piece on Jorge Zimmerman, I wrote:

"Trayvon's inner ape over powered him, but somehow, he found the MMA strength to draw, aim, at the heart, shoot and kill (not wound knowing police are on the way) like he was protecting the border. Jorge's excuse for his steel courage pursuit was basically he don't need no stinkin' badges. While his excuse for murder was basically, the nigger should have known his place so he had to DIE."

Given the universal defense of primal fear, dare I ask about our animal rights?

Ohio - Thirteen Cleveland Police killed Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams by firing 137 rounds during a car chase. No weapons were found on the victims or anywhere on the route of the chase. Recently 63 officers were suspended, the longest duration being for 10 days. A county grand jury is still investigating possible criminal charges.

Florida - Even if Roy Middleton was a car thief and not a black man having a cigarette in his car, in his own driveway, wouldn't 15 shots fired by police be slightly excessive? They said Mr. Middleton "lunged" at them -- there goes that word again. Did I mention that Mr. Middleton is 60 year old? I'm sorry, he shouldn't even be in this article because he, lived. Nonetheless, the Pensacola officers involved faced the standard [reward] punishment of [paid] vacation administrative leave.

If this was a cross word puzzle, the answers would have the same clues. Though the victim names must never be forgotten, nor should the cop/killers. Both lists are far too long. Please forgive me for all the persons not included in this brief expose of our country's ongoing wildlife problem.

As further proof of hunting permits being race based, I present Officer Joseph Walker. He's been on the New Jersey Police force for 18 years. I think that's a long enough to know proper judgment on when to use your weapon. During an incident on the shoulder of Maryland's Interstate 97, Walker got into a heated exchange with the driver of another car. The man approach Walker's minivan which was also occupied by his wife and three children. Walker fatally shot the man. The man was white and unarmed. Walker was suspended WITHOUT pay, CHARGED with MURDER and bail was set at 1 MILLION dollars.

Joseph Walker is an African-American police officer which means he's almost human.