03/27/2013 02:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Building Blocks of Energy Today

I've been working in the energy industry for 60 years, and I promise you I have seen more changes in the last 10 than I did in the first 50! With that in mind, I've invited Brian Bradshaw to sit down with me and discuss a whole host of these topics in a series of BooneCams that are now available on YouTube.

Brian is as sharp as they come. He co-manages one of our funds at BP Capital. Together, he and I cover the basic building blocks of energy today: Supply and Demand, Government Regulation, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and more.

Let me close by making you an offer and a challenge. The offer is a simple one: I invite you to get up to speed on all these issues by watching our BooneCams. The challenge is equally as straightforward: Tweet me @boonepickens with a suggestion for a future #BooneCam. I mean it when I tell you I always appreciate hearing from the Army. Thanks to you, we will get America the energy plan it deserves.