04/06/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gaza Destruction, Rebuilding: Send Us Your Videos

In partnership with Ground Report and WorldFocus, our Talk to US initiative asks web users around the world to share perspectives on international news by uploading a video response to a weekly topic.

The international community recently pledged billions of dollars in aid for Gaza and the Palestinian Authority.

Are you in Gaza or the West Bank? Show us your homes and neighborhood life. Take out your cell phone or camera and walk us through your neighborhood. Show us the destruction, and rebuilding. Tell us your side of the story.

And if you're in another country, what's your opinion of what should be done to aid the humanitarian crisis in Gaza?

We're looking for submitted videos from around the world. The best ones will be featured on the Worldfocus broadcast or the Huffington Post.

This is your chance to have a conversation with Americans about the situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Go to the Talk to US YouTube channel to upload your video. See it here:

Deadline: March 13

Comments: If you leave a comment below, please tell us what country you are from. The most interesting and informative comments might be used on a WorldFocus report.

About Talk To US: In a partnership with WorldFocus and GroundReport, our Talk to US initiative invites people around the world to share perspectives on and help us shape international news.

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