10/20/2014 03:27 pm ET Updated Dec 20, 2014

Amal Clooney: A Feminist?

"I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute..."
-Rebecca West, The Clarion, 11/14/13

Today as I was driving to work and listening to the radio, I heard the most ridiculous thing. The guy on the radio was talking about how some "feminists" were upset because George Clooney's wife had changed her last name. Her official name from now on is Amal Clooney, and some "feminists" were upset over it, as they thought she was a strong independent woman and she shouldn't have given up her maiden name. The guy was asking listeners to call in and comment about it.

This got me thinking about what I thought a feminist was and what does our society thinks about feminism. When I went online to check out what a feminist is, the descriptions that I read made me imagine a man eating zombie that is beautiful, sexy and intelligent yet will claw, tear apart and eat up anyone who tries to see her as a vulnerable human being.

Tome a feminist is a woman who is proud of the traits that were given to her by nature. She has power beyond any other creature on earth. By having power I dont mean the power to control or rule, but the power to change the world. She can do this by being herself in every relationship, let it be a mother, daughter, sister or friend. She can be powerful by bringing kindness and love to the ones around her instead of jealousy and competition. Being a feminist in my mind is being in awe of our own beauty and our impact on the world. It means to embrace the womanhood and accept our bodies and minds for what they are without allowing the outside world construing our judgment. A feminist is a woman who isn't afraid to show her emotions to the man she loves because she knows that she is a partner in the relationship, not above or below the "significant other." She doesn't have to prove herself by being a mean person.

So when I heard the man on the radio asking the question, "Do you think Amal Clooney should change her name if she is a real feminist?" I was infuriated.

I wanted to call in and say, what is wrong with a strong, independent and intelligent woman who wants to take on her husband's name after marriage? Does that finish her identity? Does it make her a doormat? I don't think so, Mr. Radio Guy, what I think is that you need to come up with better questions!

According to Gloria Steinam

Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.