07/01/2014 03:48 pm ET Updated Aug 30, 2014

My Addiction to the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Hi, my name is Tami Shaikh and I am addicted to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

I admit it; I think of it constantly and wish to be closer to it. Being off for the summer and being able to watch every single game doesn't help my addiction at all!!! I want every match to be drawn and all teams to go home happy, which of course would never happen.

The reason why this is so shocking is that I don't even like sports. Growing up my younger sister was an amazing athlete, yet every time I tried to run I would be closer to the starting line when people would finish the race. I decided to compete in the long jump category, so I ran and ran and jumped about a foot -- and then rolled about five feet. I realized I was not cut out for sports. So I focused on my writing and poetry.

As life would have it, I ended up giving birth to two sports-crazy boys. They love most sports, but soccer is their ultimate favorite. So I was lured into the world of FIFA because of them. And now I am addicted!

Is it just me or is it every single match nail-biting? Every team is playing its best and no one is letting anyone win easily. Of course having handsome players makes me more of an addict, even though most of them are half my age. During every single match, I yell and scream at the players as if they can hear me. I eat bags and bags of Lays Chips and drink coffee with it. My sons laugh at my comments and tell me I am wrong in thinking that was an easy goal that was missed, or when I get mad at the referee they say I don't know the first thing about soccer. But my answer is of course I know -- and how dare they think I don't!

After the Algeria vs. Germany match on Monday, I totally acted like an obsessed person. I sat down to think of why I was so obsessed with the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I came to this conclusion: I think the beauty of this tournament is that all the countries are competing in perfect harmony. There are countries that have issues, yet when they play everyone forgets their political differences and just enjoys the game. I have talked to so many people and they are cheering for random countries. These 11 players in each team are ambassadors of peace. They are not just representing their own country, but millions of young boys and men around the world who never got the opportunity to make their country proud. They come from poverty, broken homes, different religions, different skin tones and languages -- yet they stand together with their love for the game. I think that's why I get so emotional and obsessive over these games. I even cried when Algeria lost!!!