12/24/2014 08:28 am ET Updated Feb 22, 2015

Where the Hell Is God? Not in These 10 Places

This has been a question that has plagued humans since the beginning of time. It has been a question that we ask in times of happiness and in times of despair. We call for him in our prayers and in our cries. But where does He reside? How do we find even him? Most world religion believe that there is one super being that controls us all. Religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all based on monotheism. However if we were created to be controlled, then why were we created to think and analyze? Does he really sit up in the sky and watch us make a fool of ourselves down here on earth?

When things are bad in our lives, we tend to say things like "God loves me and is just testing me" or "I believe in God and know he will make everything right".

But there are 10 places where I know God doesn't live:
1. He is not in the sky where we look up to talk to him
2. He isn't in the call of the prayer
3. He doesn't live in the places of worship, even though that's where we believe he stays
4. He isn't in the books that we believe came from His pen
5. He isnt in the eyes of religious judgemental people
6. He isn't in the word of our religious leaders who believe they know the roadmap to get to him
7. He isn't in the graveyards where we go to find the meaning of life and death
8. He isn't in the hospitals where life is begins and ends everyday
9. He doesn't stay on the mountain tops where we go to find Him
10. He isn't in the dreams and visions, where we believe to see Him

I believe that God resides in the deepest, darkest corners of our heart. He lives within us rather than outside of us. When we are having the worst or happiest day of our lives , He is there besides us. He lives in the eyes of our children when we see love and compassion. He is in the kindness of a stranger and the smile of a child. He is like a homeless person's warm blanket on a cold wintery night. God lives within us and when we get together to do good things. He lives in our souls and sends little messages to us when we are down. So look within yourself and you will find God there sitting very comfortably!