09/08/2014 10:10 am ET Updated Nov 08, 2014

Why Do We Fear Fear?

Ian Nolan via Getty Images

Why are we so afraid of fear? I don't mean the fear of heights or jumping out of an airplane, but the fear of what life may bring. You might fear for the future, fear facing someone who you've been feuding with, fear being great or even maybe just fear living life to the fullest.

What does "fear" or "being afraid" really mean to us humans? In my world it means to be unsure of the result of something. As I get older everything scares me -- like if my child gets sick, if I don't succeed at my endeavors, if I fail at work etc. Even when I'm cooking I worry about ruining the food and then what will my children eat (yes, I'm dramatic, I know). But it's true the older we get the percentage of fear grows in us. My kids are fearless they will be fine doing all sorts of crazy things. What is fear?

According to it means "a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. -- whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid."

We need to stop allowing fear to paralyze us, because the truth is that fear (like anger) is just an emotion that comes and goes. Fear is what truthfully holds us back from being the greatest person that we can be. I feel like fear also comes from not living in the moment, but from living in the past and/or the future.

Fear is one of the hardest and most painful emotions to overcome. In our logical minds we realize that eventually things work out for the best, yet we fear every minute of every day. We are afraid of failing or being successful, we fear the known and the unknown and we also fear pain and loss. As humans were we created to be fearful or to be love?

I know and I wish that my logical brain also understood that the land that comes after the mountain of fear is beautiful. It is illuminated with hope and the fruition of dreams. It contains a heart with smiles and laughter. But the key is to NOT fear fear! If fear enters your life, let it be your friend and just become one with it, once you don't fear fear, you will become fearless!!