02/12/2008 12:38 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Poetry Beyond Words: "George, Can You Say Sorry?"


Could George just say Sorry and we can all go home?
We can put away our too-potent costly toys
Declare a shy and very embarrassed sorry and go home.

Must we wait for two generations of stolen lives before we say sorry?
Do we have to stand by and watch yet another
Giddy unfoldment of miscalculated decisions
Founded on fiction
Destroy another race of people?

Can sorry come in the middle?
Or do have to wait until we have completely wrecked, ravaged and ruined everything?
And only then say sorry?

Australia's parliamentary successors are saying sorry for the crimes of their fore fathers.
Some say too late.
South Africans who inherited the carnage of apartheid said sorry.
Some say too late.

Could smart America not wait any longer
And just say sorry?
And we can all go home.
And start to make amends.
Sooner rather than later.