08/08/2011 03:22 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2011

The Environmentally Conscious Pet: Unleash the Inner Green in Your Four-Legged Friend

Gone are the days when Dior and Dolce were the signs of a discerning pet styled with sophistication; now the savviest pet owners are going green for all things pet related. From organic foods and shampoos, to accessories and toys, don't be caught dead on the streets of your town without your biodegradable pick-up bags in hand!

The options today for an eco-friendly Fido and Felix are endless, allowing the perfect opportunity for you to reduce the impact of your pet's carbon paw print. You may be surprised to hear what is out there for you and your four-legged companion, how easily obtainable it all is and what little effort it requires for your pet to go green.

If you would like for your dog or cat to be groomed in a quintessential green fashion, start by dropping him/her off at a local groomer who can offer your pet all natural pet spa products, like a Thera-bath with Earthbath products, a sudsy massage using an oatmeal/aloe shampoo, and a luxurious Crème rinse that will leave any dog or cat's coat soft and shiny.

If it is toys that your pet desires, be sure to visit a local pet boutique or order online; eco-friendly toy options include natural fabrics and organic dyes, such as AKC's Green Planet Collection™ that uses recycled components in each product. Recycled materials used include 100% recycled polyester stuffing and 80% recycled packaging.

When it comes time to celebrate your pet's birthday, go green with an organic pet-friendly birthday cake. Typical ingredients include organic oat flour, organic rolled oats, honey, tapioca starch, natural unsalted peanut butter and natural pumpkin. If you enjoy baking, you can always bake your own organic pet treats rather than buying them from the store. If you do buy them from the store, be sure they come in a recyclable cardboard container.

When it comes to hydrating your pet, try giving your pet water that is filtered from the tap, rather than from a bottle. If you do insist on giving your pet bottled water, be sure to recycle the bottle when done.

There are also a number of options for eco-friendly felines that can be found at a number of local pet boutiques across the country, including cat litter made out of plant-based material such as corn, wheat, recycled newspapers or wood chips, as well as the Imperial Cat Scratcher. The Imperial Cat Scratcher integrates organic catnip with a paw-pleasing texture of recycled corrugated cardboard, and is 100% recyclable, keeping your kitty entertained day and night.

Keep in mind, as you transition to this new green paw lifestyle, there are animals in need at your local animal shelter who would benefit from you recycling your pet's used toys, beds, collars and leashes.

Whatever your preference and taste may be, I can assure you going green with your pet is the new black!