10/29/2013 07:02 pm ET Updated Dec 29, 2013

How to Have More Patience

I am back home in France after quite a bit of travel. We're getting ready for our next big adventure! (I'll be sharing more of that soon.)

But today this is what I want you to say to yourself: Slow down.

You know how sometimes we get into the space of: "I want it NOW!"

You might even throw a little adult temper tantrum?

You know what I mean. Sometimes you're tired of waiting. You're tired of growing. You're tired of processing and you just want what you want NOW!

Yes, I've been there, too!

Here's what I want to share with you: There is a KEY here to getting what you want. It involves being open to receiving the next step of your journey.

Which area of your life really requires patience right now?

I want you to do a scary thing: I want you to slow down and feel into it. Feel the patience.

If you are running around and chasing your desires too much, slow down and feel it. You are required to slow down and receive your desires rather than always chase them.

It is scary to stop chasing. We're scared we're going to miss out or loose it.

However, this is exactly what we require for our next phase of evolution.

Leave a comment below with the 2 following pieces.

1) What area of your life is requiring patience? Take some time with this and let me know.

2) Allow yourself to be reflective. Allow yourself to receive. Stop chasing. What happens when you allow yourself to do this?

I know things will open up for you when you allow patience to come.



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