11/05/2013 05:04 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

How to Move on to the Next Level

Something I'm going to talk to you about is very real and very present for me right now.

You know the voice inside of your head that sometimes says, "You're ready! You're ready for the next level of growth!"

And then there's another voice that might say, "Why? Why do you need that? Why are you moving on?"

And yet, something inside yourself is saying, "You are READY!"

If you're feeling like that, you are not alone!

Right now, I'm going through just that. I'm getting ready for a big move in my life.

We are moving from our home in the French Alps to Paris! There's a part of me that is REALLY scared. The place we are right now is so comfortable for me.

How could I ever leave the beautiful green, the pool, and the roses? It is because I am ready to grow.

It's a big decision to move 2 little boys away from this gorgeous house in the Alps to the middle of the city.

We came together as a family and made a decision to move into the next level of growth as a family.

If you are being called to move into something new in your life, what is it that you're getting ready to move into?

What is it that you are being called to step into? Please share with me below.

With love from the French Alps... (And soon from Paris!)

I can't wait to be with you as we MOVE into the next part of our evolution.


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