03/14/2013 04:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Stop Overachieving

I want to talk to you about overachieving today. Enough is enough! It's time to stop overachieving and start evolving!

What does evolution really mean to us as women?

There's a huge difference between evolving and achieving. I hear from so many women, "Gosh, why am I not where I want to be yet? Why haven't I achieved everything I want yet?"

Yes, I've been in that space. And I want to share with you: I am DONE with achieving.

I want to invite you into this evolution with me. It's not about achieving anymore. It's about evolving. When we shift our energy away from achieving and move into our evolution, we get really clear that we are constantly moving forward. We stop fearing move back.

When this happens, so much can open up for you.

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Here are 3 key ways to know that you are evolving and becoming who you are here to become:
1) Your reactions: You start to react differently to situations. Things that used to trigger you may not trigger you as much. The same situation may show up, but you react differently.

2) Opportunities begin to show up in your life. Things you may have always dreamed of open up for the first time. Desires and dreams start to unfold.

3) You start to change your community. You start to change the people you are hanging around. You start to up your vibration. Perhaps old relationships that don't service you anymore fall to the side. People around you may become more prosperous, positive and open.

So yes, here is to evolving! This is all part of the process of becoming who we are here to become.

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