09/19/2012 02:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Stop Being Jealous

Have you ever caught yourself comparing?

Have you ever found yourself feeling a bit inferior, a bit -- ooh, dare I say it -- jealous?

Of course you have... We all have!

Who wants to live this way? No one really... but let's be honest... sometimes these feelings come
up, so I want to teach you what you can do with these feelings and how you can allow them to serve you and transform them from jealousy and lackluster comparisons into inspiration.

In the video below, I teach you how to stop comparing yourself to others and ignite your desires instead.

This unique and simple exercise will help you turn jealousy and competitiveness into inspiration!
This process is powerful and after you watch this video you will also want to learn how to stop complaining. It's another fun and effective technique to quickly change your mindset.

WATCH: How to Overcome Jealousy:

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