12/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Fix Back Pain...The Easy Way (VIDEO)

Does your back pain seize up when you're taking a walk just minding your own business? Does your back pain get in the way of a perfectly good morning? If you have back pain you should do something about it.

Sounds like the beginning of a prescription drug commercial featuring a couple blissfully prancing through wildflowers, or happily rowing a boat in a crystal clear lake surrounded by pretty trees. While the joyful pair frolic, a soothing deep voice quickly rambles off the catastrophic list of potential side affects including but not limited to vomiting, head aches, nausea, heart attack, dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of the hands, blurred vision, fluid retention, loss of balance, dry mouth, difficulty concentrating, rash, constipation, stomach pain, joint pain, and muscle cramping.

Sounds a bit drifted from common sense. Picture our perfect couple strolling along when suddenly our heroine is overcome with a case of blurred vision followed by projectile vomiting. Romeo can't rush to her rescue because he's struggling with muscle cramping, fluid retention, and diarrhea. Who will save Mr. and Mrs. Everyman in the endless field of wildflowers? Do they even get cell phone reception?

Got a pain? Here's a pill that will temporary fix your pain, well, not really, it will just ease the pain feeling, your problem will still be there.

Of course there are cases where actual medical attention and possibly prescription medication can be useful...bla bla bla...but it's good to practice taking care of ourselves so we don't wake up to a medicine cabinet full of little orange bottles one day. We only get one body, might as well take good care of it.

Thankfully, there is something else we can do to prevent and ease back pain. Check out the video for some simple yoga inspired moves to keep you healthy, happy and strong.