02/10/2011 03:51 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

And Boyfriend Makes Three: Post-Divorce Dating Rules

A few weeks ago, my dad oh-so-casually informed me that he made an account on


At first, I wasn't sure if it was more mind-boggling that my newly single dad was actually taking a stab at the dating scene or the fact that he was using modern technology to do so (this is a person who can barely turn on the computer). Either way, this news was interesting to say the least.

You should probably know that my dad just got divorced--again. But despite his attempt at 21st century-style dating, I think it's safe to saying that isn't quite worth his time as of now (his last phone date didn't go well because apparently the woman was asking "too many questions"). Good luck, Dad.

Seeing my parents begin new relationships isn't anything new. My mom has been with her new boyfriend for over two years and well; let's just say I am not one to censor my feelings. I believe that I am a tough judge of character. According to my mom, I can be "judgmental" at times. I prefer the word "skeptical."

You don't have a say on who your parents get to be with. Not when you're six years old and not when you're 21. But when you get to the point when you've got three divorces under your belt, I think the kid (or young adult, in my case) earns a right to be a little judgmental--sorry, I mean skeptical. Just a little.

So, here is my compromise. I am going to stop being judgmental. Go ahead and date whom you want to date. But here's the deal: in return, as you bask in your newly single, liberated lives, we're going to lie out some ground rules. Just as there are dating "rules" (i.e.: who should pay for dinner, refraining from the over-sharing of information, etc.), we're going to have some rules too. Ready?