01/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

2008's Angels & Scrooges

So, how about those legacy interviews from the great Scrooge himself, Dick Cheney? Did he just confess to everything? Is anyone surprised? Is the public perception of Cheney and his pal Bushie ever really going to change, and maybe improve over -8% (or whatever it is now) approval rating? What if they claim they both flew unicorns and delivered a litter of puppies over the weekend? That might help. They've tried everything else.

Moving onto the next administration, why exactly did Obama pick Rick Warren and was there any merit to it? Does this make Obama a bigot, as a Time writer put it? Uh, probably not, but Maegan makes a convincing argument for listening to Obama, and letting this play out. Melissa Etheridge hasn't steered us wrong yet!

Finally, Ted, Teresa, and Maegan all offer their Angels & Scrooges for 2008. It was a hugely exciting year, with a historic election, a changing media landscape, and a ridiculous amount of fascinating characters. Who was a great light in this country of ours, and who deserves a big pile of clean coal for Christmas? Who deserves to be seen, heard, and spoken of, and who deserves a disk jockey position in Antarctica? Special guest appearances by Cheney, the Big Three, House Republicans, Chris Hughes, and Greg Mortensen (look him up, friends)!

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