12/20/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Can Obama Really Deliver on World 2.0 Promise?

So, how did this week go for Mr. President 2.0? Oh, wait, we can't say that! He's not in office yet! Whaddya think of that boring YouTube address by our dear president-elect? Was it filmed in a Chicago senior center after shuffleboard, and why did Barackstar look 4ft tall in the frame? Perhaps some impending Hillary confirmation hearings could jazz the program up a bit or, God willing, a little meat to go with our side of hope! But seriously, folks, if the new president goes straight to the people with his talking points (even if the poor guy can't keep his Blackberry!), will the Obama administration even need the elite Mainstream Media to get his message out? Eek! We're all out of jobs!

To tackle this changing landscape, Tim O'Reilly - the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, Inc., open standards advocate, coiner of the term 'Web 2.0,' and buzzed-about short-list candidate for BO's tech czar - stops by to discuss the MSM"s supposed collapse post-election, the opportunities MSM leaders are missing in their obsession with their own demise, and some of the major technological initiatives discussed at the recent Web 2.0 Summit he hosted in San Francisco with John Battelle. He also addresses some essential job qualifications for the soon-to-be-named tech czar and handicaps who among the digerati he thinks could best handle the job (not him, he says). Other topics addressed include how Twitter is creating new channels for people to communicate with government and consume news, and whether the President-Elect's new media strategy really does offer the much-hyped transparency that netroots junkies are orgasming over, as Slate's John Dickerson took umbrage with earlier this week.

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