03/11/2009 01:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Geither's Folly, Octo-Mom's Fate, and Mr. Clooney & Mr. Pitt Go To Washington

After skipping a week, Wilshire & Washington is back! This time with more Wilshire and a little less Washington, just so you know. No, this week has been a wild one. Timothy Geithner gets grilled by SNL, and comes off looking like a buffoon. Does anyone like this guy and does he have any credibility left with the people? (Big shocker: People care about the Treasury Secretary now? Wow, that's change I can believe in!) We also have plenty of talk going around of socialism and class warfare; but aren't both parties pretty guilty of stoking some cheap populism?

As the country craters (Obama's Wild Ride! Whee!), there's far more important issues. Case in point: Cramer vs. Stewart. As ridiculous as this media struggle is, shouldn't we all remember what these two people get paid to do. Jim Cramer is paid to make stock predictions, and is terrible at it. Jon Stewart is paid to make fart jokes and is pretty great. On a similar level of ridiculousness, Octo-Mom continues to dominate news cycles, and the situation is revealing certain levels of cultural misogyny within the righteous anger being hurled her way. Is it fair? Ted gives us his take, from the perspective of a man who knows what it's like to be 1 in 10 children.

Ted and Teresa also talk of Prop 8, including this week's arguments, the differences between marriage and domestic partnerships, and the lack of both leadership and villainy in the fight. (Who's Prop 8's Harvey Milk and Anita Bryant?) And finally, they debate the merits of Celebrity Activism, and whether or not President Barack Obama has better things to do than meet with Mr. George Clooney and Mr. Brad Pitt about their various pet projects...

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