01/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

How Sexy is The Beast?

Can Tina Brown salvage the dilapidated print news industry? In today's Wilshire & Washington, we have Rachel Syme, culture editor at The Daily Beast, which has become a bit of a bastion for old media journos going new media savvy. How are these writers dealing with the transition to a new medium? How is the DB -- as the kids call it -- different from HuffPost? How does the site compromise between news aggregation and original content, and how does DB select what's relevant? What plans do they have for expanding into social media?

Second, Ted, Teresa, and Maegan weigh in on the current issues confronting the Obama administration: Why are so many news outlets reporting the "angry left" is angry with Obama? Is there any truth to this whatsoever and should any of us be surprised at all that Obama might be a centrist (you know, as opposed to the communist anti-Christ)? Teresa and Maegan also talk the the indictment of Illinois Governor Blago -- wow, what an idiot -- and the ironic role of investigative journalism in the equation as the Tribune goes bankrupt. Perhaps those old media dinosaurs do know a trick or two of the trade.

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