06/11/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Aug 10, 2014

You Are Not Defeated: There Is Still Hope

From the outside looking in many households have it all together, but yet many are living above their means. Families all across the country are struggling to make ends meet even though some make a good living there are times when their funds don't stretch from one pay period to the next. Many are living from paycheck to paycheck and like millions of Americans I have also found myself living from paycheck to paycheck, but it was until I changed my focus. I personally see God as my source and where there seems to be no way; he always makes things possible. As mentioned in my past blog post, I've faced homelessness and have been greatly strengthened by my experience. We all have stories whether we fall back on our bills to pay the rent; run to a check advances to get caught up or get a second part time job. Regardless of how hard we try to cover the cost of our living expenses something comes up that requires more money.

Many of you want to make the right decisions with your money so that at the end of the day your families can live comfortably and when the time comes you can send your children to the college of their choice. As you attempt to get ahead you may find yourself falling further behind due to being borrower. We are continuously judged by our credit scores and for many your credit score has the power to limit your ability to live the American dream you desire. Many find themselves struggling to purchase, homes, cars, and start a business and quickly learn that either they get a cosigner or file bankruptcy in order to move forward with their lives. How many of you have cosigners and or can afford to file bankruptcy? I would say neither is the best option. I'm sure that in this day and age many would have a hard time finding someone to cosign on their behalf.

There are millions of Americans striving to live the American dream, but yet instead of focusing on the endless possibilities before them they are drowning in their doubts and debts from their past decisions. One fee after another can cause you to go in a downward spiral which can only leave you more and more in deft. Husbands and wives find that between the two of them it is hard to find a common ground because the finances play a huge part in their marriage, especially when placing their children in private schools or investing in the home of their dreams. And not to mention single-parent homes, which struggle month-to-month just to make the rent. The economy is crumbling and public assistance is at an all time high because families are finding themselves reaching out for food, shelter and utility assistance more than ever.

We all desire to set the best examples for our children and teach them not to look at credit cards as fast and easy money, but only for emergencies. Students across the country are depending on credit cards and student loans, and upon graduation they find themselves in debt while working a part-time job in addition to their profession. Poverty is at an all time high and before my children and I go to bed at night we pray for those that are less fortunate because there is a family which is experiencing difficult times. There are more stay at home dads taking care of the kids whether it be from the loss of a job or due to the fact that their wives make more, but know that depression for many men comes with the territory due to not being able to provide for their families.

At the end of the day for some families two streams of income would be a great help. What is your dream and or vision for your family? There are those of you that have stopped dreaming due to the overwhelming amount of debt over your heads. This is the time to go after your dreams harder than ever before. I've heard so many people in my line of work say that they are "broke," and my response to that is "You are richer than what you think." When you focus on lack know that is what will continue to show up in your life. While experiencing hardships it may be hard to imagine your dreams becoming a reality especially if they have the mindset that they have already been defeated. That attitude can abort your dreams and blur your vision. Begin to tell yourself "I can do all things!" Regardless of your situation remain positive while working to create a better future for your family. Know your where you stand and learn of ways to clean your credit without taking extreme measures.

Take risk and leap higher believing that all things are possible for without sacrifice no great vision and or dream can be achieved. Use your resources and have great faith while believing in yourself. Realistically you may not see the open doors and or the millions of dollars in your bank account, but you are richer then you think. Know that your current situation is only temporary and soon you will be well on your way to living the life you so desire.

Recently Tyler Perry narrated for American Express Serve, which filmed a documentary titled Spent: Looking For Change. I would recommend Americans all across the country to watch this documentary for you are not alone in your struggle and there are millions across the country in need of a breakthrough.